New Spam webpages found every 3 seconds

You have mailSophos experts note that the rate at which new spam-related webpages are being created is particularly worrying for businesses, and all organisations must ensure that their spam filters are up to date and able to defend against the latest threats. By inserting weblinks into their messages, spammers are hoping to avoid less sophisticated filters and trick unwary computer users into visiting the webpage and subsequently infecting their PCs.

The top eight spam-relaying countries are as follows:
United States 15%
Russia 7%
Turkey 5%
China 5%
Brazil 4%
South Korea 4%
Poland 4%
Italy 4%
Others 52%

Spam emails now take up 93% of all email sent.  However there is no figure for the amount actually received in the Inbox as some companies do in fact filter a lot of this out, but nowhere near enough!

Kate Carruthers has an interesing post regarding the security risk of email.


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