Nuclear dump: family seeks answers on deaths

Radiation logoAt least five deaths have been attributed to an old watch factory site at Hunters Hill, Sydney.  Thirty years ago, the factory was dismantled and houses were build next to the site (not on the site itself which has been allowed to overgrow with vegitation) and any radioactive waste was buried on the site.  This has been known by authorities all this time, yet authorities have continued to say the level of radiation to be below the health safety requirements.

People can become quite agitated about radioactivity and rightly so as Uranium-238 has a half life of 23 billion years, essentially meaning it will never breakdown.  However governments and councils have been able to pull the wool over people’s eyes by saying that radioactive waste radiation from the plot of land was well below “safe levels”.  However independent tests made by scientists, sponsored by the Daily Telegraph newspaper show the levels to be 20 times over the limit.  This is especially the case when taking samples several centimetres into the top soil.  Deaths were likely caused by eating vegetables grown near the site.

American scientists performed tests at ground zero in Hiroshima and Nagasaki immediately after the atmospheric Atomic bomb explosions in 1945, and apart from the people caught up in the initial blast up to 300 metres from the hyoercentre, there was little evidence of radiation sickness from ground contamination (heard that lately).  Though Cancer patients were plentiful up to 1950, increasing the death toll to double.  Radioactive dust was swept into the atmosphere where it remained for some years, just like Chernobyl, Woomera and Three Mile Island.

Further information about Cover-ups are at the Anti-Nuclear website.  If asked about radiation, STALL!  Will we EVER reach a point in civilisation where there are are no more cover-ups.  It seems highly unlikely!  Erin Brockovich where are you?


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