Facebook security loophole warning

Facebook Social NetworkingFacebook is designed by Mark Zuckerburg and has always had mud slung at it from users who considered that their privacy issues may be compromised.  It is quite easy to see that anyone can setup an account and access personal information about users.  In fact with new advances in Web tools, one could easily search on user information for “identity theft” and “cyber-stalking“.  So, it is extremely important especially for young users (Facebook demographic is predominantly 16 year old girls) take care to ensure their private information is not posted in user profiles.  It is possible for example to link birthdate details and names and search electoral rolls database on the internet for other information and build up a profile of either yourself, friend or relative, then open a bank account from that data.

Sydney Morning Herald press release explains the problem and what steps to take to minimise the problem.  At last Mark Zuckerburg and his team have recently made much needed privacy enhancements which should ensure a marked improvement.  IF ONLY users would check the new Privacy dialog in their accounts.  Facebook has now in excess of 60 million users and growing rapidly, soon overtaking MySpace.


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