How to tAME the cAPS-Lock key

Caps-lockDon’t you think the Caps Lock key is a pain in the brass razoo.  I certainly do, so much so, for several months, I pryed the key cap off and put it aside.  I never once missed it.  The key still worked but needed extra poking to activate it.

Another solution is supplied by the Four-Eyed Journal in an article How to Tame the Caps Lock key  This highlighted an existing feature in Windows XP (and probably Vista) which makes a beep whenever the Caps-lock, Num-lock or Scroll-lock keys are accidentally hit, which is twice in every hour.  It is setup under Control Panel | Accessibility Options and it is the Toggle Keys setting on the Keyboard tab.  To activate/deactivate it, hold Num-Lock down for 5 seconds.

Can I put my Caps Lock key back now.  Note that earlier keyboards had a led to show it is active.  Personally I would like to see it moved to some other part of the keyboard.  Like QWERTY, which was designed to slow the keyboard operator down to stop the levers becoming crossed up in a typewriter, this too is an old vestage of a bygone era.


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