Big Brother 2008 starts 28th April

big-brother-logoWell, at last I can stop hunting around for entertainment, because from 28th April 28th, Big Brother 08 will all start over for a further 3 months at the Dreamworld studio. There will be 14 contestants from week 1 and 4 more a week later, but no further intruders.  Rules will be relaxed, there will be less fines which were getting ridiculous in previous years.  The age group will be more varied and no Barbie and Ken blond models.  Four contestants will be picked by user vote.

Karl Sandilands and Jackie-O will be the new hosts in lieu of Gretal Kileen, who decided it was time to move on.  There will be no Uplate show with Mike Goldman, an unpopular decision, though Friday Night Live with Bree, Mike and Fitzy will be back.  A new talkfest will be on Tuesday night to discuss goings on in the house.

Already the first housemate has been elected, Terri a 52 year old highly motivated personality which would tend to indicate the show is more based on the United Kingdom format.  The VIP subscription is already in place unlike last years debacle of opening it on day one and the website crashed and took a week before on-call vision streaming became available.  The only glitch this year was existing users needed to update their profile at Channel 10’s website, but they didn’t actually tell anyone, so hundreds of people were into the Forums to see what the scuttle-bug was to sign in. 

Anyway it should be fun fun fun.  No doubt, I’ll keep you updated.  I THINK SO


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I write good stuff, if and when I have the time and patience, which I don't, so why am I bothering to even mention it. I'm not getting you down am I. Marvin!
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