The American Drive for World Domination

WikipediaWorld Wide Oil Domination?  Who would want that.  American Republics that’s who, specifically W  Why was it necessary to apparently demolish four buildings in NYC and blow a hole (not big enough to fit an airliner through) in the largest building on Earth – The Pentagon, just to prove a point.  Through various conspiracy sites and YouTube footage, there is indisputable evidence that the W.T.C towers collapsed by a sequence of charges. Even two buildings previously evacuated imploded hours after the initial two collapses.  Experts say they came down as a result of debris from WTC1 and 2, but there was no outward debris, just implosion.  For irrefutable evidence (or a very well mastered conspiracy) see Serendipity.  And as if 2,800 lives was not enough, what about the 4,000 American troops and 80,000 Iraqi civilians in 6 years of unnecessary fighting.


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I write good stuff, if and when I have the time and patience, which I don't, so why am I bothering to even mention it. I'm not getting you down am I. Marvin!
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