Would someone please remove the Catheter

Patient in hospital bedA few weeks ago, I had cause to visit a hospital after I experienced Chest Pain, after a short walk.  I drove myself to hospital and checked into Emergency.  The Triage Nurse discovered both my Pulse Rate and Blood Pressure were elevated.  So they placed me on a gurney in Emergency and indeed confirmed I was at risk, though not dramatically.  I was feeling a little anxious, hard to breathe and heavy headed but this was more to do with what was racing through my mind than anything physical.  They inserted a catheter which supplied a steady stream of glucose.  As well they took some blood samples and gave me an ECG.  Then they left me to own devices worries.

After a while the doctor returned with positive results, but I should stay the night for observation.  The night sister, after several hours noted that I didn’t have a pillow, which probably explained a little discomfort.  Not that I was able to sleep as I couldn’t calm myself.

The morning shift was abuzz with excitement and there was a drunk and chatty teenager who had admitted himself after a binge.  I had no less than four doctors visit me due to a discrepancy between what I was telling them and the initial doctor report.  But that is explained by my earlier anxiety.  It was decided I do a cardio-stress test, so I was admitted into a ward (finally) and asked to pace the corridor as I had then been bed-ridden for 10 hours.  Then I did the treadmill with ECG monitoring test.  This worked briliantly as expected and I was checked out.  But WHEN is someone going to remove the Catheter.  Luckily this was removed after some prompting and I was outta there.

The thing is, I was booked into have a ECG, Catscan and Cardio Test with radioactive dye a few weeks later, so I had to go through the whole rigmarole again (twice) but with no catheter this time.  My heart showed a little “weakness” but well within normal operational parameters (unless I wanted to climb in Nepal).


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I write good stuff, if and when I have the time and patience, which I don't, so why am I bothering to even mention it. I'm not getting you down am I. Marvin!
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  1. tudor says:

    nice post…waiting for more

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