Darling Harbour Fireworks

australia-day-fireworks-awardToday the 26th January 2009, Australia Day we attended the Darling Harbour 21st Celebrations Fireworks which starts at 8:50pm and runs 10 minutes.  Before that we had a dinner at Baia Restaurant along Cockle Bay offering good views of the fireworks.  Our table was inside a little bit so we had to walk over to the balcony, without obstructing other diners.  It was a little wet, but easily tolerated.

The event could almost have been a disaster.  I had the table booked for 11 people and I hoped to drum up business during the Harbour Ferrython between 10:00am and 2:00pm.  We then hit a few favourite bars around the Opera House and The Rocks.  For a while I could see nobody was interested in the stupid firework/restaurant booking.  But by 3:00 with the assistance of my friends, I made a quick count and had 11 exactly.  Then one group went to the Eco bar in the toaster and four peeps decided the atmosphere was nicer.  Then it rained.  The rest of us headed to Darling Harbour, but Barbara felt a little queezy with heat exhaustion from two days prior.  It was just a little far to walk in the rain, so we went on a very crowded Ferry.   We were 20 minutes late and could have lost our reservation except John and Sarah were there early, so there was six, and we gave the other table away at no forfeit because we were nice to the manager.  We saw the spectacular fireworks under a dripping balcony.

Another Meetup group were there as well, who I had drinks with afterwards.  Their table although in a good spot for fireworks was under a gap in the awnings, so it was a bit wet.  So then we went home to start a new year of work.


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I write good stuff, if and when I have the time and patience, which I don't, so why am I bothering to even mention it. I'm not getting you down am I. Marvin!
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