Facebook Security

We don’t use a Social Security number in Australia like USA or the UK, so it may not be so important.  Nor is it easy to obtain personal information from an electoral roll.  But this is obviously a problem that Facebook and Myspace users should be aware off.  DELETE your birth date, maiden name, telephone numbers and address information off ASAP.  The stuff you thought was private is NOT. Codes are available to access this.

Facebook Anthem

I really really like Facebook, but this Facebook Anthem sends a strong message.

“Facebook is a crime, when people have too much time. Sending me requests, IQ and brain tests.  Its no f**king joke, I don’t like to Superpoke.  Scrabulous, Hotness, update my status.  I’m getting bored of Facebook, So don’t invite me, throw a sheep or bite me”….



[Play “Get the Glass” Game]

Get the Glass for the Adashi familyThis is a Flash Game from the Got Milk advertising campaign and voted one of the most popular Flash Games on the Internet for several years. It takes a few minutes to load up, and to figure out how to play, but it a lot of fun and very entertaining.

Graphically, this game is jaw-droppingly good. The retro look and feel really evoke a family board game and there is enormous attention to detail from the realistic physics of throwing the dice, to the design of the in-game cards. The audio is similarly polished and the “interactive challenges” provide variety and ensure that the gameplay is both engaging and entertaining.

A walkthru is available here.  But this game is a piece of cake. and for those who have trouble with it.  I suggest that you put your mouse way in front of you for the driving challenge and hold the mouse down.  Remember code 6,97,31,52,8 and say CAN I PLEASE GET THE GLASS.

Frozen People in Grand Central Station

How it was possible to organize 207 people to stay frozen in Grand Central Station for 5 minutes.  Well on  January 31, 2008  as setup by Improv Everywhere, 207 people froze in place on cue in Grand Central Station in New York.  Similar stunts have now been pulled off with limited success in dozens of other cities, but as it is with copycats, they are never as good as the original, even if they were able to motivate more people mostly university students.

Star Trek XI Trailer [May 2009]

The much anticipated Star Trek movie (tentatively called er.. Star Trek XI) is a prequel to the Classic Star Trek Series yet having a different time-line to “Enterprise”.  It outlines the story of James Kirk and Mr. Spock during their training at the San Francisco Space Federation Academy.  Directed by the director of LOST – J.J. Abrams.

Wall-E Trailer [September 23, 2008]

Released by Pixar.  See the official Wall-E Disney website.  700 years into the future, mankind will leave our humble planet and leave Earth in the hands of ONE Incredible Machine to clear up the rubbish left behind.  That Robot is Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class) and has developed something unique, a personality.  As well, he is just a little bit lonely.  But all that is about to change…..

The Website is Down

An insight into how an IT tech deals with Server problems and the like.

Lion in Zion – Smile

A very scary clip from Lion in Zion in Jerusalem.  Yuval goes to his friends house and begin to suspect that there is a plot to do him harm.   The signs keep reappearing to a point where paranoia takes over.   Running time : 6min 50sec.

Smile.wmv   11mb


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